About us

Our philosophy

You should always be able to ask a lawyer cheaply!

We want you to have a legally-minded contact person for initial consultation on all your legal issues. With this intention, the Gaius lawyer hotline was founded.

Due to many discussions with lawyers, we have found that consumers and small businesses alike have a widespread need to be able to ask a lawyer quickly and cheaply about the many small and large legal issues that they encounter in their lives. Often, however, lawyers have no legal protection insurance, so they are not protected in the event of a legal problem, because it is usually not possible to conclude a legal expenses insurance later or because the excess is too high. We close this gap with the Gaius lawyer hotline. You can order the hotline if it is actually already too late, so even after the occurrence of a legal problem. There is no excess. And that from 15 cents a day!

Immediately upon receipt of payment you will receive your customer number and can simply call the lawyer hotline and describe your problem. You immediately have a lawyer on the phone.

The advantages are obvious: no time-consuming search for a suitable lawyer, no appointment, no parking space search and lengthy arrival for a consultation – just call and ask a question.

The offer

Be it as an employee, head of a family, car driver, landlord or consumer – today there are a variety of situations in which you quickly need competent legal advice. However, very few of us have a permanent lawyer who represents us in all legal issues. Nevertheless, in disputed moments, one does not want to rely on one’s own legal sense but hears the opinion of an experienced lawyer. To make this easy and cheap, the Gaius lawyer hotline has written on the flags and offers the opportunity to contact experienced lawyers by phone and to obtain an assessment of the legal situation at an attractive fixed price. Exactly and exactly as often as you need an initial consultation!

When that will be exactly, you usually do not know before. However, customers of the Gaius lawyer hotline do not have to worry about that, because they are permanently secured: our fixed-term tariffs are extended by one more year and ensure complete call authorization. You do not have to worry about anything. And if you no longer wish to have legal advice, you can cancel it up to a period of 14 days before the end of the (minimum) contract period.

If we have convinced you of the Gaius lawyer hotline and you want to become a customer now, this can be done in a few steps. Choose the product that best suits you and choose our term plans for a minimum term . If you opt for a 24-month minimum, you’ll get an even better deal.

Advice exclusively by independent lawyers

Gaius Legal GmbH does not provide legal advice itself. It is the operator of the same lawyer hotline and the web and mobile apps and provides only the technical infrastructure of these platforms, the payment processing and the assistance service through their editors and customer service representatives. Legal advice is provided only by Gaius Legal GmbH’s network of independent, authorized lawyers in their own country in their own name and on their own responsibility, to which Gaius Legal GmbH connects its users via a hotline or app. All attending lawyers must meet and verify the eligibility requirements of their respective country before participating in the advisory platform.

With the Gaius lawyer hotline you always have a lawyer as a contact in case of cases.