One-time consultation

  • Initial consultation via chat without a contract
  • Fixed price of 39,90 € for a private individual consultation
  • Fixed price of 49,90 € for a single tax consultation
  • Fixed price of 59,90 € for a business individual consultation
  • Gaius Legal Assistant included
  • Lawyers approved in Germany
  • Immediately available, no vesting period
  • Order online, without paperwork
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Do you have a legal problem and need advice from a lawyer, but don’t want to bind yourself contractually? We have the solution for you:
Receive immediate legal advice for a fixed price without contract with individual counselling on private, business or tax issues from 39,90 € incl. VAT.

  • Individual consultation for a fixed fee from €39.90
  • For your private, business or taxation legal issues
  • Chat with your lawyer. As easy as sending an SMS.
  • Accessible around the clock
  • Lawyers licensed in Germany
  • Available for immediate use, no vesting or waiting period
  • Order online, no paperwork
  • No further contractual obligations
  • Secure payment with credit card and direct debit
  • Immediately have a lawyer at hand

Legal advice from A to Z

In these and other situations we are at your side

You always have a lawyer by your side!

  • Top Auskunft, schnell und präzise, vielen Dank.

    ~ G. D. aus Freising
  • Sehr freundlich, sachliche und umfassende Beratung.

    ~ A. S. aus Möglingen
  • Keine Warteschleife am Telefon. Man wurde sofort verbunden. Kompetente Beratung. Sehr empfehlenswert.

    ~ A. W. aus Ladenburg
  • Eine gute emphatische Beratung mit Berücksichtigung meiner emotionalen Situation. War anschließend sehr erleichtert und auch beruhigt.

    ~ D. P. aus Büren
  • Sehr gute Fachkompetenz und verständliche Erklärung.

    ~ M. L. aus Fürstenwalde
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